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Due to the special technical features (among other things, the broad structured sealing surfaces) and the DiamondFace high performance bonding, EagleBurgmann DF-(P)DGS6 can easily manage all states of highly vaporous media: gaseous, liquid and evaporation in the sealing gap. They will operate stable and free from contact and wear in all states.

Up to 80 % reduced leakage, multiplied extended period of use, no failures from dry running, and thus measurably increased availability of the plants of our customers.

DiamondFace bonded seal faces permit extremely small sealing gap design, which reduces leakage up to 80 % during operation.

Greatly extended MTBF, no failures from dry running and measurably increased availability of the plants.

Noticeably improved plant availabilty through extended operating periods and increased process reliability.

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