SensoCan: First additively manufactured can for magnetic couplings – optimized for temperature-sensitive applications

Cans are the central component of magnetic couplings and hermetically separate the product space containing hazardous or corrosive media from the atmosphere. Forming methods such as deep drawing are used to produce cans – without channels for temperature sensors. The new SensoCan from EagleBurgmann is produced using additive manufacturing, which allows for incorporation of a patented sensor holder. With the additionally integrated heating and cooling channels, the can supports precise temperature monitoring and control while keeping operating costs low.

Precision temperature measurement now possible

In agitators, pumps, blowers or autoclaves in chemical plants and refineries, deviations of just a few degrees are enough to impact the process either positively or negatively. Without sensors in the can, the temperatures must be measured at another location and the values interpolated. EagleBurgmann has now integrated the sensor holder into the double wall of the can. This opens up the possibility of obtaining precision measurement values directly from the product space for the first time.

Support for typical sensors and monitoring systems

The sensor holder is designed for typical, commercially available temperature sensors, making it a simple matter to integrate the SensoCan into an existing monitoring system. The sensors themselves do not come into contact with the process medium. Additional heating and cooling channels help with precise regulation of the temperature and viscosity. They are designed for optimal flow through the can to minimize the amount of heating or cooling medium required.

Efficient, economical and versatile

The temperature and viscosity regulation also makes the operation more efficient overall. This allows for use of a smaller can, which also lowers the capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenditures (OpEx). The SensoCan is designed for an operating pressure of up to 40 bar and can be used at all typical process temperatures in chemical and petrochemical plants.  EagleBurgmann offers the SensoCan as a first fit product and for its own magnetic couplings MAK66, MAK685 and RMAK as well as to end users for individual systems or as a retrofit. The design is based on the ISO 15783 standard and has been approved for ATEX explosion protection zones 1 and 2. Its use is specified according to API 685.

Robust product with short delivery times

EagleBurgmann manufactures the SensoCan via selective laser fusing of a powder bed based on 3D models. This is especially sustainable since it makes efficient use of material and energy. Even individual parts with complex geometries can be delivered within just three weeks. Titanium can withstand high process pressures and corrosive media. It also results in 30 to 50 percent lower eddy current losses on cans compared with typical metals, which further improves the carbon footprint.

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